IMG_5568Visual artist, adopted Scot (once-upon-a-time Canadian), beachcomber, dreamer…

After years of close involvement with national arts organisations in my adopted country, I decided it was high time I followed my dream. In 2006, my husband and I bought and began restoring a derelict 10-acre croft by the sea in the North-West of Scotland.

My aim, here on these pages, will be to share random images and thoughts as I explore life from the perspective of this place of immense and untamed beauty.

You can visit my website to see more of my work here:


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for liking my own about page. I think we hit the wordpress blog about the same time. You’ve done a great professional job which has a great feel of quality to it. Interested to know exactly where you are as we spent our honeymoon up in that area, moving from Applecross to Torridon to Gairloch before heading for Loch Tay (my header). So I just have to follow to see those wonderful scenes all over again. Good to ‘meet’ you. MM

    1. Great to get your comments, Mick and good to ‘meet’ you too. You’re right, it looks like we both did hit WP around the same time. I’m still just getting to grips with it all, so I appreciate your kind comments. Hope the weather was kind to you while you were in this part of the world – but then the sense of place can be at its best when it’s wild, wet and full of drama!

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