no mellow yellow

Spending a few days in the Scottish Borders this week, I’ve been surrounded by a sight that’s become only too common in our landscape nowadays – swathes of the acid-yellow rapeseed, screaming its presence and shocking our visual sensibilities.

If you are a hay fever sufferer, this is not only a visual assault, but also the stuff of allergy nightmares.

I loathe its brutal intrusion upon our landscape, but this week I can’t seem to avoid it. While not quite ‘giving in’, I decided to make the most of it, Ā picking up my camera and exploiting the shock of this intense, primary colour to make a few images.








2 thoughts on “no mellow yellow

  1. So … WAIT. This is not a beneficial, nor natural, plant? When did it become ubiquitous, there? Climate-related? What?

    Sure … the images are lovely … but is this yet one more thing about which to grow our planet-concern? ARGH.

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