March musing


Depending on how you look at it, March has come in like a lion – well, I’d like to think so. My drive back home to the Highlands a few days ago took me through some beautifully wintry scenes, from the high ground of the Cairngorms, of course, and into the hills of Wester Ross.

Although there was little of the white stuff at lower levels, the eye was constantly drawn upwards, where the powerful bones of this uncompromising landscape were brought to life in the most vivid and breathtaking way.


All along Loch Maree, it was a thrill to watch a squall make its way down the opposite side of the loch, with such dramatic light.




A double rainbow above (the second one, just visible on the left), with Letterewe House on the opposite shore of the loch.






Slioch (above) of course, looking even more majestic than usual.




5 thoughts on “March musing

  1. Love the photos. Reminds me of the areas between the Dee and the Don. Especially with your photos including that highland mist!

  2. Thank you, as always, Alison .. for your eye, and for your prose. These blog-posts of yours are a gift. xvalerie

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