Eyes on the horizon…


Out there…. across the Minch. The Isle of Harris – hard to believe we were there on holiday just a couple of weeks ago, it seems ages since then, already.

It looks so near, on days like these and yet is so far…

On days like these, especially, I treasure the fact that I can wake up to this view – even on those days when I can’t see it for the mist or rain, just knowing it’s out there makes me smile and most days, pinch myself. It’s never taken for granted, not for a moment.





Shifting my view slightly left, to due west and over the dunes, I see Skye.

The Trotternish peninsula, the northernmost part of the island, includes the other-worldly landscape of the Quiraing.


… and further down, the island of Rona, which lies in the Inner Sound, between the mainland and Skye.




7 thoughts on “Eyes on the horizon…

  1. Once again, Alison, your prose is as elevating as are the accompanying images. Is it aging that helps to inform our appreciation of our seen/unseen landscapes? Friends (human and natural world) close … and far? Man …. the majesty (for lack of a better early-morning vocabulary hit) of these views you have. “View” … such an inadequate word.
    When we went west with our kids about a decade ago, I thought I could never move back to Southern Ontario, after having lived through the Rockies, Cascades, Columbia River gorge …. and so on and so on. But we readjust our appreciations as we go, I think. And find exuberant joy even in rain-flattened leaves and flat platinum skies.

    thank you for sharing your life through this medium ….. xv

    1. You’re absolutely right, of course, Val, an insightful observation, I hadn’t really thought of it like that before. The magic is everywhere around us, not just in breathtaking landscapes – it’s all about opening our eyes, hearts and minds to it. xx

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