water, water…



Water. It’s one thing we can’t live without. It’s been dominating the news headlines here in the UK lately – for all the wrong reasons!

A sustaining and yet a terrifying force, it has both the power to give life and to take life, reflecting our ultimate inability to exert any real control over nature here on this spinning globe.

This past week, I’ve stood on our beach and watched in awe, while the waves rolled and crashed in an unusually beautiful way. The onshore, stiff easterly wind teased spindrift in a dance along their crests and I marvelled at the force of this unstoppable energy as the rollers kept coming and coming, breaking and re-forming.







Version 2












Version 2












It reminds me of something a dear friend, the Canadian artist Holly Friesen said to me recently, “the river of life stops for nothing and no one”. The analogy resonated and touched me deeply, knowing, as I did, that she was referring to the imminent loss of her partner, Walt Pascoe, whose long struggle with cancer finally came to an end at the winter solstice.

A tremendous artist of huge integrity, his friendship meant a great deal to me, his words warm, wise, kind, humble, thoughtful, generous, funny, insightful and always inspiring.

These images are for Walt, as he journeys onward.


5 thoughts on “water, water…

  1. These are lovely. And your words adds both depth and sweetness. Thank you for sharing both images and spoken message, Alison.

  2. Eloquently written and visually stunning …I almost feel the mist and hear the hissing of the waves as I view your photographs…

  3. What a beautiful post. Your images are lovely and you writing fine. I am glad to have found this blog which will serve as inspiration as I plan my first trip to the Outer Hebrides.

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