Loch Tollaidh

DSCN3645It seems that yesterday might have been the last of our 10 day spell of spring-like weather, such a welcome respite from the unrelenting winter storms.

Inspired by this, I decided to drive a short way up the coast to Poolewe, to visit my favourite garden nursery, to begin replacing some of the plants which were ravaged by the ferocious, salty winds of the last few months.

DSCN3634I love this journey, as it leads me along Loch Tollaidh, which never fails to take my breath away. Known locally to be a great loch for wild trout, it’s the setting which gets my heart racing. It’s huddled, up high above Gairloch, among some of the most striking crags and boulders of Lewisian Gneiss I’ve seen and always reminds me of the landscape of the Isle of Harris.

DSCN3642Whether it’s bright and blue, or misty and murky, there is a primaeval, other-worldly presence up here, with only the sound of the wind, or the lapping of water and the haunting echoes of birdsong as the sound bounces off the rock when it’s calm. (and the occasional passing car!)





DSCN3661The craggy spine of An Teallach, south of Ullapool, in the distance, just seen as the road dips down towards Poolewe, above.





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