surf’s up

DSCN2906Usually, the beach is battered by the prevailing south-westerlies and there’s nowhere to hide, but this week, the winds are from the north, bringing snow and a real taste of winter.

Spared the worst of this onslaught from the Arctic, the beach is, for once, somewhat sheltered between the 2 headlands and I was able to find a fairly calm vantage point beside a favourite big rock.

I sat here, huddled in my coziest Canadian coat, transfixed by the power in these waves, until I could barely feel my fingers anymore, let alone press the shutter on my camera.

It was exhilarating!

DSCN2847 DSCN2859 DSCN2867 DSCN2874  DSCN2884 DSCN2888 DSCN2895 DSCN2896DSCN2907DSCN2912

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