the road south…

DSCN2386Heading south yesterday, we were treated to an exceptionally breathtaking journey. The sun, low in the sky throughout, highlighted the contours of the rugged, russet-hued hillsides with a drama usually reserved for a sunset.

DSCN2388 DSCN2393 DSCN2395 DSCN2396 DSCN2400DSCN2404 DSCN2405DSCN2406   DSCN2411 DSCN2408The mists hung low too, clinging to the snow-dusted hilltops as the temperatures dipped below freezing, casting their own brooding shadows and seeming, at times, to dance along the slopes.

Most of these were taken from a moving car, but I think they give a pretty good idea of how magical a drive through Scotland can be, especially in mid-winter…

DSCN2416 DSCN2415 DSCN2420 DSCN2419 DSCN2421 DSCN2423 DSCN2427


4 thoughts on “the road south…

    1. Walt, thanks for your lovely comment – that’s exactly what it was – otherworldly! When the sun actually shows her face this time of year, the light can be pretty extraordinary, here.

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