stumbling upon rockpools and waterfalls…

P1120285 - Version 2The mist and cloud seemed to be lifting by midday and it looked as if it would be a good afternoon to head down Loch Maree for a walk up Glen Grudie to Beinn a’Chearcaill.

P1120247I’m not really a hill-walker, but my friends thought that this would be a great introduction for me, with super views across Loch Maree to my favourite Slioch and some lovely lochans for water-lovin’ dogs.

The plan had been to follow the stalkers’ path up the north side of the Glen and then head off and upwards at a wee cairn (marking the fork in the path) into Coire Beiste, to some small lochans below the summit of Beinn a’Chearcaill.

P1120249We stopped for a break at the cairn and within minutes, the light cloud which had been hugging the summits (not to mention completely obscuring Slioch) and occasionally cooling and spraying our arms and faces with a fine ‘Evian’ mist, decided to gather strength and whirl down the hillsides and right onto us.

The cheery patches of blue sky which had kept us company up to this point had suddenly vanished and the weather closed in…

P1120269(The brooding mass of Beinn Eighe, above and below, which dominated the glen as we walked further and further along the stalkers’ track.)

P1120260Deciding to go with the flow and change plans now, we headed down to the small stream some distance below us, on the floor of the valley, to check out what appeared to be falls and the remnants of Caledonian pine forest.

P1120274There, we found the most enchanted place of waterfalls and rock-pools.



P1120288Loch Maree and its far shore, below Slioch, can just be glimpsed in the centre distance, between the trees (above).





… and who knew there were bears in the North-West Highlands?

Image(above photo courtesy of Lulu Stader)

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