painting it green

P1110329I had an especially productive winter in the studio this year, with little choice but to be penned indoors for 5 months, like everyone else here in the British Isles; so, when the weather turned glorious, as it did 2 weeks ago in mid-April, it was no hardship to put down my brushes and finally jump into the garden to get some dirt under my nails.

We’ve not had a harsh winter, in terms of frost and snow here, in the north-west of Scotland and while unrelenting winds and rain may have kept us out of our gardens for months, nothing much was halting the march of the grass and weeds. The ground in my strawberry patch was still waterlogged and choked with grass this time 2 weeks ago.

But now, it seems summer is right ’round the corner. The chives are about to burst into bloom, at least a couple of weeks earlier than usual and the lupins are heading that way, too. No doubt, a bit of a shock is in store later this week for some of the more tender plants when a frost is forecast, as they’ve gone into overdrive with this early taste of summer!

P1110320The chives…

P1110321Strawbs and rhubarb now weed-free and happy – roll on summer!


P1110307Lupin about to take off like a rocket.

P1110331The shabby old garden bench hasn’t seen a paint brush for some time.

P1110339Self-sown violets thrive beneath the artichokes.

P1110382I love a luxuriant garden, but crave a structure of good bones in it, to hold it together, much like creating a sense of balance and tension in the composition of a canvas… a controlled chaos!

P1110378On the deer fence, the local cuckoo, under attack by smaller residents and below, just beyond, the hills behind Gairloch under an early evening blanket of hill fog late yesterday.

P1110393Looking across to the neighbours…

P1110351The sun setting this week, behind the dunes and beyond the Hebrides.


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