and so it goes…

P1100020This is where we’ve got to with the latest stage of our restoration of the ‘auld hoose’… not exactly picturesque at the moment and I was thinking that it’s not quite blog-worthy either… but then, a good friend in Canada complained that my wordpress page had become far too silent! As always with these things,  there have been unexpected complications (ie. with our electricity supply, 2 floods – don’t ask – and then issues with underground plumbing);  but they have been sorted now, to my huge relief.

We ought to have something resembling a structure by this time next week, fingers crossed. That is, if our joiner can prise himself away from the other jobs he’s also committed himself to at the moment…. Our especially weather-proof windows arrived from Norway  a couple of weeks ago now and are impatiently awaiting the timber frame. Would you guess that this has been carefully planned since  the middle of last summer…?

One vital lesson, or even virtue, to be learned by those of us who come to live in Wester Ross is patience. Nothing here happens in a hurry. So unlike the incessant drive and buzz of Edinburgh!

IMG_1632But the flip-side is that this slower pace allows for old-fashioned good manners and the time to show a caring concern for one’s neighbours. Many times, I’ve seen impatient tourists being made to wait in a passing-place on these single-track roads while local folk catch up with each other’s news through their car-windows.

The BeachWell, winter has arrived with a vengeance – the air is Baltic and the wind and rain now seem unrelenting; there was frost in a neighbouring village and snow is already on the tops of Slioch and Baosbheinn. I’m taking it a day at a time, having to come and go now through the fairly rotten, drafty (recently boarded-up) old kitchen/back door – replacing it hasn’t been a priority and was put on the back-burner… until now.

I think I need a glass of wine!

(below: a couple of shots of the sad, but necessary departure of the old structure)


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