Belcastel – stumbling into magic


At the heart of a small medieval village, deep in the Aveyron in south-west France,  is a garden unlike any other I’ve seen.

Its gate is wide open, inviting passersby to wander in.  No sign saying “Privé”, no house nearby seems to belong to it and something, maybe a sense of magic and delight beyond, draws you in.  The temptation is too strong, so you go through the gate…

In a matter of seconds, you see that it is watched over by a collection of the most extraordinary sentinels!

You laugh out loud and then quickly catch yourself and look ’round, feeling guilty and wonder if you’re really not meant to be here…

P1080532… but the friendly presence of its guardians tells you that it’s ok and you’re welcome!

I’d love to know who created this wee wonder, but didn’t manage to find out.

What humour and love went into the creating of this little place of magic, so generously and anonymously shared with everyone who wanders through the cobbled lanes of Belcastel!








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