wildflower harvest…

P1080263Our croft has 10 acres… divided into 4 “parks”, as they say here in Wester Ross (‘park’ meaning ‘field’).

Every August, our friend and neighbour comes in to harvest our wild-flower meadows in the 3 ‘parks’ nearest the sea, to be used as silage for his cattle. Last year, with such a dry, dry summer (more or less a drought, by standards here in the west of Scotland), we produced very few bales.

But this year, it’s been something else entirely! Last week, as I walked to the stream which runs through our ‘far away’ back field, it was a huge effort (but no less a pleasure!) to wade through the thigh-high grasses and flowers.

IMG_7652It was a bit trickier for Holly, our Chesapeake, tho’:


IMG_0150In 2011, a visiting friend, a botanist, did a survey of our croft for the BSBI, the Botanical Society of the British Isles and recorded 107 different species of wildflower and grasses thriving here.

IMG_0103one of my favourites – Yellow Rattle…



P1010669Bog Asphodel…

IMG_0217Self-heal… and of course the clover, to name just a few.

P1080288Usually, year-round, it’s the deer and the geese who feast on and fertilise our fields. But this summer, they’ve made themselves scarce – there must be plenty for them to eat elsewhere. This winter, the cattle will reap nature’s summer bounty. I hope that our fare is as tasty for them, as it was beautiful to watch swell and sway in the summer breezes.



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