The Sky, the Sky

DCF 1.0Ok, I know, the title of this post is a take-off of Iris Murdoch’s “The Sea, the Sea”, but I couldn’t resist…

DCF 1.0

DSC_0969 These are some of the views, through my studio window, which have most recently distracted me… it often feels like I’m the only witness to an immense spectacle of unfathomable drama and mystery.

It’s hard not to use superlatives, when trying to put this into words – but the visual, as always, takes over when words fail!

When we found our ‘tumble-down’ croft 8 years ago and began to restore it, I knew that this spectacle beyond my windows would soon take me over and become a powerful, if not dominating, influence on my creative impulses – adding another vital strand to my work.

Since 2008, when we restored the old stone barn which I was then able to use as a studio space, I’ve been building up a new body of work. It began with a series of watercolours, my attempt to find an equivalent in paint for the experience of looking out to the seas of the Inner Sound and the Minch. But I’ll save them for another post…

IMG_0795.JPG  IMG_2312



DCF 1.0


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