Drama over the Minch


Last night I sat outside in the evening sun with a glass of wine, shelling some peas, freshly picked from  the garden. As I sat there, looking out over the dunes, there was an endless stream of traffic on our wee, single-track road which wends its way along the coast.

Famous and important visitors were being driven past in big cars with darkened windows…

My second favourite beach, just down the road, has been turned into a movie set and taken over by film crews and famous actors, so it is out of bounds for much of the summer, while they construct their very expensive drama.

As the sun became lower in the sky, it struck me that I’m the lucky one, to have a front-row seat at the REAL drama: out there over the sea, the hills and the distant isles of the Hebrides; the play between the light, the water and the land…





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