a rose by any other name….


Yesterday, while out in the garden, this quote jumped into my thoughts, but I couldn’t remember which of Shakespeare’s plays it came from:

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet”

Of course, it was a line spoken by Juliet, to Romeo, as she told him that a name means nothing really, is no more than a label… but this is a well known illustration of how highly prized and symbolic this plant has always been to us. Its fragrance is like no other – sublime!

Before I had a garden of my own, I thought of roses as fussy, clichéd and over-rated… until a friend introduced me to the old French Bourbon roses. I’ve had varying success at growing them, but this one below – Madame Isaac Pereire, seems to tolerate my quirky Scottish garden.


I love observing the changes in colour as each bloom matures and then fades….







Another favourite, which does surprisingly well in my garden (in spite of my neglect), is my Rosa Mundi. I love the liveliness of its markings and its scent reminds me of my grandmother… and old soap!


The rose has featured as a subject/symbol in art through the centuries, by painters from Botticelli to O’Keefe, but that’s maybe for another day… for now, it’s all about savouring the sublime!


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