Shoreline foray


Summer seemed to have finally arrived after the longest, coldest spring anyone can remember and with the full moon, came an exceedingly low spring tide. For the first time, I was able to walk out beyond the furthest rocks and explore, before my way back was cut off by the sea.


Everything looked quite different from here, far beyond where we would normally venture. A new perspective on my favourite place – always exciting – but I had to be quick, as the tide was turning quickly!


Holly (my Chesapeake Bay Retriever) thought this was great, with new rockpools to explore and she kept vanishing from sight as she discovered yet another new smell or critter to examine.




I’d never seen so many limpets and barnacles. The patterns they formed, as they encrusted each rock, were utterly fascinating, inviting me into this new world of mini ‘landscapes’…..



The contrasting dark, smooth surface of this rock (above) looks like the deep blue of a sea, as it skirts shorelines….



… and the flowing patterns created on the sandy bed of a rockpool as well as the strands of seaweed which clung to a large rock drew me in and allowed me a glimpse into other, smaller worlds, teeming with life.



On a day like this, with such a fascinatingly beautiful world to explore below the tideline, who would want to be on a crowded beach in the Med?


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